Skin protection

Deodorizing and refreshing FOOT SPRAY to reduce the formation of perspiration and unpleasant odours in work shoes.

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Areas of application

  • protects the feet from excessive perspiration in work shoes and from the formation of unpleasant odours.


  • in addition to the protective effect, the product also contains nourishing, natural substances that can hydrate the skin
  • pleasant, natural smelling spray that is easy to spray on and that does not wet socks and shoes
  • can also be used to deodorize footwear after testing the material compatibility in an inconspicuous area


  • a liquid that contains alcohol with a range of high-quality, herbal active and care ingredients
  • suitable for preventing skin softening and sweating. This effect is based on a high proportion of a special extract containing tannin (Hamamelis virginiana = witch hazel)
  • contains glycerine as an excellent moisturiser,
  • contains rosemary, sage and eucalyptus essential oils
  • silicone-free and contains no preservatives*

Dispenser systems

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