Skin protection

Skin protection spray to repel biting insects (e.g. domestic and tropical mosquitoes, horseflies) and ticks.

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Areas of application

  • provides effective skin protection against stinging insects (e.g. native and tropical mosquitoes, horseflies, etc.) for up to 8 hours and against ticks for up to 5 hours.


  • the active ingredients in the product have been used for many years and are renowned for their high level of tolerance and effectiveness (icaridin)
  • is a pleasantly naturally scented spray that is easy to apply and distribute over the skin
  • is material-friendly; e.g. it does not damage clothing or shoes


  • contains 20% icaridin; a highly effective, well-tolerated repellent that forms a perfumed film on the skin and thus repels mosquitoes, other biting insects and ticks
  • contains 0.3% EC oil as an additional active ingredient, which is obtained from the leaves of the lemon eucalyptus and is then processed. EC oil boosts the effect of icaridin. The active ingredient also gives the product its pleasant, natural fragrance
  • free from artificial colouring
  • is unscented
  • is silicone-free

Unit sizes

200 ml spray

Dispenser systems

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