Suitable skin-protection products

An increasing number of people suffer from sensitive or hypersensitive skin. There are many reasons for this.

In addition to a genetic predisposition, physical stimuli (e. g. mechanical stress), chemical stimuli (e. g. from working materials) or environmental influences (e. g. heat and cold) are possible triggers. Besides this, the psyche also has a great influence on the skin.

To keep the stress at the workplace as low as possible, the skin products used should also be tailored to the special needs of the employees.

Pevaperm PURE

As protection against aqueous and non-aqueous substances - non-scented

Pevafoam Eco

Environmentally - friendly, high-quality foam soap - unscented

Pevastar Soft Pure

Concentrated hand cleaner, suitable for sensitive skin - unscented

Pevasan PURE

High-quality, particularly mild skin cleansing lotion - non-scented

Pevaclean Eco

Environmentally-friendly hand cleaner with natural rubbing agents - unscented

Pevastar Soft

Concentrated Hand Cleaner, suitable for sensitive skin

Pevasan Eco

Environmentally-friendly, high-quality and mild liquid soap

Pevaclean Sensitive


The especially gentle, perfume-free Hand Washing Cream for the sensitive...

The good skin compatibility of our products has always been a particularly important concern for us.

Based on our proven standard qualities, we have adapted some products to the special requirements of sensitive skin and developed new products for this purpose.

The products designed for this purpose can generally also be used by all other employees in the company without having to dispense with the usual product benefits (e. g. protection properties or cleaning performance).

The following products are recommended especially for sensitive skin. We have had these products tested on test persons with sensitive skin as part of a dermatological examination under specialist medical supervision. All products were rated “very good”.

Pevalind PURE

Active substance-rich, high-quality skincare lotion - non-scented

Pevacare Urea

Substance-rich, high-quality skincare cream with 5 % urea


Carl Ludwig Schleich