We live sustainability!

Sustainability is of central interest today and is also of particular importance to us. It is our aim to reduce the effect of our economic activity on the environment year by year.

We have estimated our scope 1 and 2 emissions and have achieved a reduction on „practically 0“ (including CO2 compensation projects). The next step will be the evaluation of our scope 3 emissions.

Our activities:

In 2020, a 100 kWp solar system was installed on our production hall. This was followed by a 30 kWp solar system on the administration building in spring 2021. Thus, approx. 100 tons of CO2 can be saved per year and thus a significant amount of the company’s own electricity consumption can be produced. The electricity required in addition is purchased as green electricity (green electricity tariff). A further extension of the solar energy system is in planning for 2024. So far there are 6 wall boxes on our company site for recharge of electric vehicles.

In addition, we offset various CO2 emissions via the climate protection organization ClimatePartner. Here, the entire gas consumption of the production as well as the emissions from company travel are offset by climate protection projects. Certificates from Climate Partner document the offsets.

Through process optimization and investment in new process heating systems in production, we succeeded in reducing gas consumption by approximately 15% in 2022.

Raw materials based on palm oil are preferably purchased as “Mass Balance” quality and thus originate from sustainable cultivation, which is controlled by the RSPO (RSPO = Roundtable on Sustainable Palmoil). 

The abrasives (abrasive substances) for our hand cleaners consist of 100% natural raw materials. Walnut shell flour, corncob flour and wood flour are used (raw materials all from the EU, mainly from Germany). Both walnut shells and ginned corncobs are a residual material which, through grinding, is given a new purpose as a rubbing agent (upcycling). Wood flour is obtained by grinding sawdust from sawmills. Here, too, it is a residual product that can be used for a new purpose by grinding.

Since 2019, there has been a partnership with one of the world’s largest tree planting organizations EDEN REFORESTATION PROJECT. Since this time, more than 184,000 trees have already been planted as part of a sales campaign, but also through the company’s own donations! A certificate from EDEN certifies this and can be found in the download area.

There are now three liquid soaps, a hand cleanser for coarse soiling and a foam soap in the range that carry the EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel stands for reduced impact on aquatic ecosystems, strict compliance with biodegradability requirements and a limit on packaging waste.

Packaging consists – as far as possible – of recyclable material. All of our cardboard packaging consists of recycled fibers (testliner quality). Waste from production (cardboard, plastic) is separated, pressed into single-variety raw material bales and sent for recycling. 

Furthermore we donate to different organizations in the sector of climate protection (e.g. in 2023 to WWF, Clean Air Task Force and justdiggit).

In addition, wildflower meadow areas have been created on the green spaces around the three company buildings, which are well accepted by butterflies and bees; a bird protection hedge with bird nourishment and nesting trees has also been planted.

Numbers & Facts


Trees planted

240,000 kg

per year CO2 offset – roughly equivalent to the emissions from our gas consumption

240,000 kg

per year CO2 compensated – roughly corresponds to the emissions of business trips

„It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.“

William Shakespeare


Certificate Climate Partner
CO2 compensation for gas consumption and business trips (2022 – 2024)

Project “Improved cookstoves”
supported project Countrywide, Zambia

Project “Clean Drinking Water”
supported project Countrywide, Laos

Certificate Eden Reforestation, number of trees planted

PEVAFOAM ECO – Ecolabel certificate

PEVASAN ECO – Ecolabel

PEVAPLUS – Ecolabel

PEVAPLUS PURE – Ecolabel certifcate

PEVACLEAN ECO – Ecolabel certficate